Adjusting the size of your new wig

Adjusting the size of your new wig

How to adjust your wig for a better fit


Step 1

Find the adjustment hooks or Velcro on the inner side at the back of the wig, near the section that sits by the nape of your neck. Look for two small hooks or Velcro to each side similar in size and shape to bra hooks. Hook them into the most outward settings on your wig, this will adjust it to the largest size.

Step 2

Try on the wig by flipping it upside down in front of you. Lower your head into the wig, and flip the two up together. Insert a finger between the edge of the wig cap and your head. If the wig feels loose in many cases it will, remove it and move the wig hooks inward a notch for a tighter fit, continue in this fashion until the wig feels quite snug but not tight on your head. Move your head from side to side, forward and back while looking in a mirror. The wig must not slide out of place or feel uncomfortably tight.

Step 3

Adjust the wig placement so the inner cap falls over your temples. Pull the inner cap downward on both sides of your head, at the same time. Next, pull downward on the front and back sections of the inner cap–again, at the same time. This process eliminates a “floppy” top section.

Step 4

Stand back and look carefully in a mirror. Observe the wig for straightness, and be sure the bottom of the wig falls evenly. Use a large hand mirror to see the back of the wig to ensure the hair is still in place; particularly after brushing.

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