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Will anyone know there are shoes in the parcel?

NO, we never advertise our company on any of the outer packaging, all our wigs are delivered in very discrete water resistant plain packaging, and there will be absolutely no mention of the word SHOES on display, ensuring all purchases from us are completely confidential.

We always treat our customers privacy and security with the utmost confidentiality, we will not advertise on any of the outer packaging.

Nooshoes, we put our customers first, we also never share any of our customers information to third parties.

You may also have your wig delivered to an address of your choice, this does not necessarily have to be the same as the cardholders address, as we appreciate that this may not always be the most convenient place to have your Nooshoes order delivered to.

As a Nooshoes customer you should feel confident that your parcel will be discreet and once you have purchased from us be happy in the knowledge that your information is not shared and that we do not advertise on mailing bags or boxes.

We hope that this information eliminates any fears you may have about making an online shoe purchase

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